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Trump Doesn't Have It/ News March 19, 2024


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✨ Show Notes
Trump’s gilded facade crumbles; His inability to cough up a staggering $500 million fine portends a political and fiscal bloodbath; Does Trump have one last Houdini-like financial escape left in him?; Tuesday’s Ohio primary shines light on the battle for control of the Senate; Will Donald Trump declare bankruptcy?; Donald Trump pardoned five healthcare professionals convicted of filing false Medicare claims; Joe Biden unveils his budget proposal for 2025; Partial government shutdown possible Friday; Former Vice President Mike Pence surprised everyone by announcing he will not vote for Trump; Trump’s increasingly dehumanizing language about migrants.

📋 Episode Chapters:
00:00 Trump doesn’t have $500 million to pay fines or put up as collateral.
– New York State Attorney General plans to seize and sell Trump’s properties to recover money.
04:33 Should Trump secure the money, it automatically raises suspicion.
13:12 Biden’s plan to save social safety net compared to Trump’s plan to destroy it.
Biden aims to raise taxes on billionaires and corporations, cutting $3 trillion off federal deficit.
– Biden plans to let Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% expire and proposes Medicare being able to negotiate price on 500 drugs.
17:38 Trump tries to influence Ohio senate primary.
– Democrats closely watching Ohio’s race between Dolan and Moreno to take on Sherrod Brown in November.
25:45 Nikki Haley likely to endorse Donald Trump.
-Never Trumpers may have to endorse Biden this time.
30:08 Will Joe Biden seek help from old guard Republicans if his poll numbers don’t improve.
38:44 Trump takes full control of the Republican Party.
43:05 Paul Manafort returns to Trump Orbit.
– Before Trump’s pardon, Manafort was serving time for witness tampering, conspiracy to defraud the government, and ties to Russian oligarchs.
– Huge chance of Dems taking back the House in November with some help from redrawn electoral maps.
51:56 Trump warns of “bloodbath” if he loses. Top aide Jason Miller’s issues with mistresses accusing him of misconduct.
– Trump’s hate speech directed at migrants.
55:55 Trump echoing tactics of past authoritarian regimes by insisting America’s radical Left is our greatest threat.
1:04:40 Trump struggling to come up with half a billion dollars to pay off fine.
– Trump basically admitted guilt by informing court he is unable to find anyone willing to lend him money to post a bond.
1:09:05 Forbes reveals Trump has borrowed heavily against all his properties.
– Trump’s doesn’t own any of the buildings with his name on them.
1:17:54 Trump needs someone to bail him out by March 25th. If not, there will be serious consequences for the entire Trump organization.
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