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LIVE: Alex Murdaugh Retrial Evidentiary Motions Hearing


LIVE COURT CAM: Alex Murdaugh returns to court for an evidentiary motion hearing that will determine whether he gets a new murder trial over allegations of jury tampering.

The allegations come from a handful of jurors who reportedly testified to Colleton County Clerk of Court Becky Hill’s concerning behavior, including going into a bathroom with the forewoman and instructing the jury “not to be fooled” by Alex Murdaugh’s defense during the trial.

Murdaugh, 55, is currently serving life without the possibility of parole for the June 7, 2021 murders of his wife, Maggie Murdaugh, and youngest son, Paul Murdaugh.
Former Chief Justice Jean Toal is presiding over Murdaugh’s case after Judge Clifton Newman recused himself from any future proceedings related to the defense motion.

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00:00:00 Alex Murdaugh’s Motion for New Trial
00:13:38 Murdaugh Enters Court
00:34:50 On the record – Dick Harpootlian Ask Judge
00:43:26 Justice Jean Toal questions jurors about verdict
00:51:16 Juror Z – Yes, Becky Hill’s comments influenced her verdict
01:34:01 Juror C – not influenced by Hill’s comments
01:38:53 Juror F – “absolutely not”
01:46:55 Juror L – not influenced by Hill’s comments
01:51:45 Juror E – not influenced by Hill’s comments
01:55:40 Juror P – not influenced by Hill’s comments
02:00:36 Juror O – not influenced by Hill’s comments
02:04:36 Juror Y – not influenced by Hill’s comments
02:09:06 Juror W – not influenced by Hill’s comments
02:12:46 Juror Q – not influenced by Hill’s comments
02:18:29 Juror K – not influenced by Hill’s comments
02:26:45 LUNCH BREAK
03:56:05 Back on the Record
04:08:47 Clerk of Court Becky Hill Takes the Stand
04:21:10 Cross-Examination Becky Hill by Dick Harpootlian
04:53:45 Becky Hill Redirect by Creighton Waters
04:58:27 Justice Toal Questions Becky Hill
05:57:55 DEFENSE WITNESS: Rhonda McElveen, Barnwell County Clerk of Court
06:17:20 Cross Rhonda McElveen
06:28:26 DEFENSE WITNESS: Juror 741 – Alternate Juror, not seated during deliberations
06:32:33 Cross of Juror 741 by John Meadors
06:49:39 Redirect Juror 741 by Dick Harpootlian
06:56:27 STATE CLOSING ARGUMENT by Creighton Waters
07:10:40 DEFENSE CLOSING ARGUMENT by Jim Griffin
07:44:11 Justice Toal Makes Her Ruling

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