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LGBTQ+ Tik Toks to help you get through a rough day


Hi! I’m Andromeda (she/they) and thank you for watching! I hope you enjoy!

Hey all!! I’m now selling some merchandise to help raise money for my transition and I recently released the first edition of the queer resource so feel free to check those out! Links are included below.
First, let’s talk about the merch! I’m selling them through two different sites, both of which will be linked below. There are stickers, pins, and magnets which I’m selling through Redbubble – they’re available with several different LGBTQ+ flag options, although I know I haven’t covered them all so if you notice your flag missing feel free to comment it below and I’ll work on adding them in! And I’m selling shirts, sweaters, and hoodies through Teespring; they’re available with a couple different designs including the channel logo, but I’d be interested in expanding the flag options and designs, so if you have anything you’d like to see feel free to leave a comment below suggesting it!!
I mentioned that I’m saving money for my transition but that’s not the only thing the profits will go towards. My plan is for 80% of the profits to go towards saving for my transition, 10% towards funding the channel, and 10% to LGBTQ+ charities. I’ll leave a link to a google sheet below to show how your money is being divided for whatever product you may chose to get, as I want you all to have full transparency. I know the amount towards charities is low at the moment but I intend to increase that amount as I get closer to my goal for raising for my transition. I’m also going to be putting up a poll here each time there is a significant amount of money to donate and let you all choose from a few charities as well as suggest any you see fit!
I’m really excited about this! I was interested in ways I might be able to raise for my transition and bottom surgery through the channel, but I didn’t want to just ask people to donate as I’m aware of the influence that content creators can have and I don’t ever want that to be used to my advantage. I’m happy about this way as it allows me to give back to you all in the form of merch as well as to give back to the queer community as a whole by donating to charities and organizations. I hope that you enjoy this as well and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment them below!
Google Sheet Link (Division of Profits):
Redbubble Merch Store:
Teespring Merch Store:

Now let’s talk about the queer resource!! I want to make sure to convey to you that it is in its very beginning stages of development; I have made significant progress on it but it is a time consuming process and between school, work, running this channel, and other responsibilities I don’t have much of that. The resource is a working document, I’ll be working it on my free time and adding and updating information and resources as it develops. I just want you all to be aware that any missing information and resources in the document right now is likely due to that. For instance, there is a section on queer terminology with definitions and resources and answers to certain questions, but I’ve only been able to go through A-terms and that section with 5 definitions took several hours. But, if I’m missing a definition from that or one of the resources I’ve included and checked over conveys a stereotype that I was unaware of or maybe there is information about those terms that does not appear in those resources and is important to show, feel free to let me know!
I want this document to be as accurate as possible and to not convey any kinds of stereotypes or misinformation so your feedback is always welcome. Thank you for your patience as I’ve worked on developing this and I hope you find this resource useful!
Queer Resource:

Channel Email:
I’d like to keep this email for important messages and requests that need to reach me. Spam or unimportant messages will likely be ignored and blocked. I would just like a way for any messages of importance to reach me as I don’t quite have the time to look through all of the comments for them.

Go Fund Me for Transition:


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