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In this complete conversation we get a chance to talk a fascinating topic, so what is up with energy. Cool guy, super interesting topic
Robert Bryce is an American author and journalist in Austin, Texas. Robert and his ‘Power Hungry Podcast’ spotlights energy, power, innovation, and politics. His articles on energy, politics, and other topics have appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Real Clear Energy, Counterpunch, and National Review.

The Billionaires Behind The Gas Bans by Robert Bryce–

The hypocrisy of the billionaires who are funding anti-hydrocarbon campaigns, including bans on gas stoves. Natural gas bans are more about class than climate change.

In this episode some keys are-
Why the European energy crisis
Why renewables can’t and will not meet Michigan and Americas needs
Why the need for hydrocarbons
Why climate change is misunderstood and difficult to address

00:00 Introduction
01:32 Segment 1 start
11:24 End segment 1-Break 1
12:24 Segment 2 start
21:15 End Segment 2- Break 2
21:54 Segment 3 Start
31:44 End Segment 3- Break 3
32:08 Segment 4 start
42:44 End Segment 4- Break 4
43:36 Segment 5 start
55:34 End show
It’s not about age, it’s about attitudes and beliefs

There is always room for personal growth, these messages are some of the many areas that I needed to improve as a ‘younger adult’. Knowing these things may have assisted me making some really poor decisions, leading to a better life, maybe.



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