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Dawn of War 2 – Chaos Rising Corruption Ending [No absolution]


1 of the Endings for Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising.

Gabriel: ‘Blood Ravens.’
‘Victory is ours!’
‘You have driven the Black Legion from the sector–‘
‘And banished the vile daemon who sought to consume us.’
‘But a more terrible battle remains ahead.’
‘Our chapter is in the hands of a madman and a heretic.’
‘Kyras — he who should be the greatest of us all — has bargained away his soul to the powers of Chaos.’
‘And we are branded as renegades and traitors.’
‘My brothers, this cannot — this will not — stand!’

‘We few stand against Kyras and his fiendish masters.’
‘We cannot tolerate corruption and sin within our brotherhood.’
‘We must purge our number of those who have abandoned the honor and valor of the Blood Ravens.’
‘We must purge ourselves of you, Commander.’
‘You have embraced the tainted weapons and dishonorable tactics of our enemies.’
‘You have left a trail of blood among our brothers on Calderis.’
‘You have led the rest of your strike force into the darkness, turning them into traitors and murderers.’
‘For these sins, there is no absolution –‘
‘There is only death. ‘

Eliphas ‘Argh. . . ‘
‘Lord Abaddon. . . it will be as I promised. . . ‘
‘The Blood Ravens will fall.’


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