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Hey folks, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about a recent case that luckily was just dismissed today and last friday i filed a motion to dismiss. Im going to tell you a little bit about that because quite frankly its ridiculous that its taken this long. We’ve been working on this case for close to a year , its been about 9 months now. Client comes in and had been at a night club and his girlfriend and some friends were out and his girlfriend and another female got into an altercation and apparently the other female punched his girlfriend in the face causing her nose to bleed. The girl who committed the battery runs out of the club. My client runs out and knows that there is a police officer on duty on the premises. So he takes out his wallet takes out his drivers license he walks over to the police and he says listen my girlfriend just got hit in the face by another girl who is running that way, here is my id and my name. The officer, instead of tell me whats going on, pushes him back about 5 feet, and thats a big officer but luckily my client is a big physical guy and was able to take the jolt without falling down backwards but he catches himself. Well obviously my client could have fought back but he wanted to do things the right way and to be professional. So he calls 911 and asks for another officer to be sent to the scene, a supervisor of some sort. So the supervisor is sent out and he explains the situation and the officer doesn’t care. He said: Id like for you to write a separate report, and the officer says: no ill just include something in the report about you girlfriend. Basically they blow him off. So what does he do? He goes home and the next day he contacts internal affairs, now he does this thinking that he will get some help.. but guess what folks, its BS. What do they ask him to write a report and the explains to them exactly what happened. And ultimately they say they are doing some investigation. A month or 2 later they ask him to come into the office even though they have the video tape and it shows the officer battering him, thats what its called in the state of florida, battery, when you touch, push, punch, against their will and without their consent, that is called a battery. They can clearly see it on video, they have the investigatory recourses to do the task to investigate but what they do is they have him come in and they ask very selective questions like: did you fall to the ground, did your friend fall to the ground and he said i fell backwards and to the ground. Now even though they show the video but of course when they show the police the officer that was investigated before, gave their sworn statements. And the internal affairs hands the officers the file including the video that shows. So it gives the officer an escape clause, so he can watch and read everything and he can tailor his testimony in a manner which will allow him to get out of it. They dont give my client the same comfort, they dont give him anything or some sort. So he says to the police (under oath) that he was pushed and fell to the ground. Now it doesn’t matter because if you have a fight in the street and
Police Corruption has been around for many years. Recently, the news is depicting more and more police officers using unlawful force against civillians. The reason for this is cell phones and regular citizens taking notice. Unfortunately, because officers do it so often it has become an accepted practice that police officers put their hands on regular folks. The police do not have absolute power but they are protected and their word is accepted over that of the average guy. When there is an altercation with police there is nearly always an arrest. Unite as citizens to stop the bully mentality exhibited by many policeman. Police agencies are protecting these non-educated bullies and unless you have a video they always go on without any type of penalty. Make complaints, acquire video, use the law to get your vindication, and maybe the system will change. Fight Back!
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