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NFL’s corruption has reached epic proportions


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In 1924, a Philadelphia lawyer named Owen Roberts was hired by Congress to look into the rapidly blossoming Teapot Dome Scandal. Not long after he took the job, one senator pulled Roberts aside and cautioned him not to rely on a certain important government official, whom the senator said was hip-deep in the thickly deepening muck. That official was the incumbent Attorney General of the United States, a crook named Harry Daugherty. The senator told Roberts:

I wouldn’t depend on the Justice Department for investigative purposes, nor would I approach the Attorney General’s office for information if I were you…It is my conviction that the man would go to any lengths to protect himself and his friends—and make no mistake about it, the people we are after are friends of the Attorney General. Harry Daugherty has had a hand in every dirty piece of business that has come out of the Harding administration. There is every reason to believe that, at the very least, Daugherty is one of the men who knows the whole sordid story of the oil leases—and there is enough evidence to warrant the suspicion that he himself might have profited from them. In addition, the Department of Justice and its Bureau of Investigation are hand-picked by Daugherty and rotten to the core.

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