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Black Coffee "Devil in the Courtroom- Probate Court Corruption with Rick Black of CEAR 10 19 2020


While the death of a loved one can sometimes bring families together, that’s unfortunately not always the case. With how spread out many families are these days, it can sometimes be difficult for families to make decisions for their loved ones that everyone agrees with.

Couple the huge decisions that need to be made with the emotional toll a death or illness takes on a family, as well as any underlying disagreements they’ve had in the past, and you have the perfect recipe for outbursts, arguments, and tears, and Probate Court.

What would you do if a loved one was forced into isolation simply so his or her money could be stolen? Seniors and dependent adults are being forced into isolation, often sedated at home or in locked care facilities, while their assets are spent down. It happens more often than you realize

Rick Black, Executive Director – CEAR (Center for Estate Administration Reform), is one of America’s leading activists and commentators spotlighting the abusive practices in the conservatorship, guardianship, and trust industries. Rick’s leadership at CEAR provides strong national advocacy for the legal reformation of fiduciary abuse at the state and federal levels.


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