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June 14, 2024 Corruption P2 Henderson,later slandered&banned for recording my police interaction.


Officer Henderson badge #4059, I was forced to record further interaction with church members to expose the conspiracy that I have had to endure years, Corruption P2.
Officer Green

#1 What are these churches hiding to demand that I not record at church?! Why would the church not want me recording my food and my interaction with police? Officer Watkins stated church members had a problem with my recording them that day, but I recorded police and not church members. (They can’t get their lie straight is it police or church members that dont want to be recorded?) Slandered, pushed and shoved by Officer Watkins and another scheme to deny services and banned for asking for help. Both Beautiful Feet Church and Safe Haven Domestic Violence Organization, the location I was advised to call by church leaders denied assistance.
#2 Why are they disregarding harassment I

at the church to concentrate on me recording corrupt police? (Same scheme at Union Gospel Mission Ft. Worth. My food supply is deliberately cut off in malice. Schemes to keep me from food purchases at grocery stores, and restaurants
#3 When is this going to end?
1:00 pm Extensive search of just my bags at PNS that is how my abuser knows where petty items are to steal. He wants to know what I have. (Team effort)
12:37 pm Device cut off on its own recording Texas Workforce regarding schemes to deny food stamps.
10:25 am Banned from Beautiful Feet Church for recording crimes or my interaction with the police department. I have on makeup, the abuse is escalated when I fix myself up, but im repeatedly not heard. My food supply has been cut off years in schemes and corruption. They are forcing me to find a fresh location so they can start up the false arrests, harassment, and other crimes in a new environment. When a location is incriminated and will no longer cover for false arrests and other corruption. They force a move so a fresh new location can rack up felonies. I should be coming up for housing, and my housing has been denied or sabotaged in corruption years, even going in person. I have been robbed of my own furnished places 2 times by false arrests and 2 paid off vehicles. I believe my abuser didn’t like me hiding out in my own place fleeing daily harassment I’m forced to endure.
10:02 am. 2-minute video of my interaction with a police is 2 hours. The police lied and said they didn’t have cameras at Beautiful Feet Church when they do, to sabotage investigation on why a stranger deliberately tried to trip me at church! (Not safe at church?! NO! It’s going to take more than just me to see these people are out of control.
#4 Why would someone approach a church to conspire with abuse and other criminal activity?!
#5 Why would they do it?!
#6 Recording police or church leaders is not a crime but harassment is, obvious on the churches camera footage.
#7 How do they know when I record, if they are not illegally monitoring my devices and YouTube Channel in corruption? (Government blames their crimes on the controlled subscribers of my YouTube Channel. But the police removed me personally to keep me from services prior to me starting the channel sometimes with arrests in corruption.

Section 241 makes it unlawful for two or more persons to agree to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in the United States in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured by the Constitution or laws of the United States or because of his or her having exercised such a right.

Unlike most conspiracy statutes, §241 does not require, as an element, the commission of an overt act.

***The offense is always a felony, even if the underlying conduct would not, on its own, establish a felony violation of another criminal civil rights statute.*** It is punishable by up to ten years imprisonment unless the government proves an aggravating factor (such as that the offense involved kidnapping aggravated sexual abuse, or resulted in death) in which case it may be punished by up to life imprisonment and, if death results, may be eligible for the death penalty.

Section 241 is used in Law Enforcement Misconduct and Hate Crime Prosecutions. It was historically used before conspiracy-specific trafficking statutes were adopted, in Human Trafficking prosecutions.


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