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Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader Heads to Reelection as Competitors Concede Early


Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader is set for a second term following the general elections on Sunday. His top competitors, former President Leonel Fernández and Mayor Abel Martínez, conceded early in the evening as Abinader held a strong lead in early vote tallies.

Key Points

  • Election Victory: Abinader declared victory after early results showed him with nearly 60% of the votes.
  • Competitors Concede: Both Fernández and Martínez conceded early, acknowledging Abinader’s substantial lead.
  • Celebrations: Supporters began celebrating at Abinader’s campaign headquarters, marking the anticipated continuation of his policies.

Policies and Campaign Focus

  • Anti-Corruption Agenda: Abinader’s anti-corruption measures have been a cornerstone of his administration, earning widespread approval.
  • Border Security and Migrant Crackdown: His government has taken a hard stance on Haitian migrants, including building a border wall and conducting mass deportations.
  • Economic and Educational Reforms: Abinader has also focused on economic growth and educational reforms, which have resonated with younger voters.

Election Context

  • Smooth Voting Process: Despite minor irregularities, voting proceeded smoothly, with a high turnout driven by past election issues.
  • Congressional Majority: Abinader’s Modern Revolutionary Movement is expected to win a majority in Congress, allowing him to push through constitutional changes and further his agenda.

Public Reaction

  • Support for Policies: Many Dominicans support Abinader’s tough stance on corruption and migration, though his policies have drawn criticism from human rights groups.
  • Youth Engagement: Young voters, in particular, have expressed optimism about the government’s direction under Abinader.

Human Rights Concerns

  • Criticism of Migrant Policies: Human rights organizations have condemned the government’s treatment of Haitian migrants, calling the mass deportations a violation of international law.
  • Future Actions: Abinader has pledged to continue and expand his border security measures, including completing the border wall.

Individual Stories

  • Impact on Haitian Migrants: The crackdown has caused significant distress among Haitian migrants, with many fearing deportation and struggling with detentions.
  • Local Reactions: Dominicans affected by the migrant policies, like Juan Rene, express frustration and helplessness over the treatment of their loved ones.


As President Luis Abinader heads into his second term, his administration is expected to continue its focus on anti-corruption, economic reforms, and stringent border security measures. While his policies enjoy domestic support, they also face international scrutiny and criticism.

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