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FBI illegally used handcuffs as a threat to prevent me from reporting police corruption


The FBI handcuffed me as a form of threat to prevent me from reporting police corruption colluding with private investigators. I was setup and framed by the police. They used a fake cop, Lieutenant J. Cruz to frame me. I have picture evidence of the fake cop but the police is covering up the evidence and the case.
Please see my video for more information of this case.

The FBI knew about my case and is doing everything they can to prevent me from reporting of my case.
They told me to go online to report my case or call the 1800 and I did all that. No one from the FBI got back to me. Going to the field office in person to report a crime is another option. Yet, the FBI refused to take in my case information with evidence at the FBI headquarters in Washington DC. I had reported my case in NYC where I was setup by the police with the fake cop. The FBI in NYC took in the information with the evidence of my case when I reported to them in person. The FBI never got back to me.
That was why I came to the FBI headquarters in Washington DC to report my case and they told me a different procedure to report my case. It is obvious the FBI is giving a run-around to avoid taking in the case information with evidence.
If I submitted false information to the FBI in NYC, I would have been arrested by now. I have irrefutable evidence to prove my case of police corruption colluding with private investigators and the FBI is covering up. The police and FBI are protecting the interests of large companies and the elites.
The private investigators got involved in my case because I left my job as an IT Analyst at an oil and gas company because of an unethical and potential criminal matter. Since then, I was harassed by private investigators.
This video is evidence to show FBI is no difference then the corrupted cops who are bullies and corrupted.
Please help me advocate my case, thank you. Michelle Wong


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