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Willie Nelson Releases Lib Triggering Song


Willie Nelson releases a new song defending the Border Patrol, the liberal Washington Post thinks Kamala Harris should step down for the good of the country, and Advil’s new campaign argues that pain is racist.


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0:00 Willie Nelson Releases New Song Defending Border Patrol
3:43 Coming Up
3:50 Subscribe to My YouTube Channel (+ Smells and Bells Candle)
4:28 Judge Rules Fani Can Stay on But Has to Fire Boyfriend
9:21 Toobin on CNN: Fulton County Decision Great for Trump
13:46 Trump Goes After Fani
22:47 WaPo Editorial: Kamala Should Step Down for Good of Country
27:33 Advil: Pain is Racist
36:01 My Favorite Comment
36:46 Tyson Foods Hiring Lots of Illegal Aliens in NYC
41:21 Dem Consultant Schedules His Suicide

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