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Cleopatra Audiobook: The Deadly Game of Thrones: The Journey to Shape the Future of Rome


From her early years, shaped by a legacy of Macedonian power and the fertile lands of the Nile, to the dramatic end that saw the fall of one of the most influential women in history, this audiobook captures the essence of Cleopatra’s complex character and the era she dominated.

Discover the intrigue of the Ptolemaic dynasty, marked by ambition, cruelty, and the relentless pursuit of power, where familial bonds were often sacrificed on the altar of political strategy. Explore Alexandria’s rise as a beacon of commerce, culture, and intellectual achievement, set against the struggles of its people. Experience the pivotal moments that defined Cleopatra’s rule: her alliances and conflicts with Rome’s most powerful figures, her strategic marriages, and her ultimate quest to preserve Egypt’s sovereignty against the encroaching Roman Empire.

Narrated with compelling detail, this audiobook brings to life the lavishness of Cleopatra’s court, the strategic genius of her reign, and the timeless love stories that have captivated the world’s imagination for centuries. Through battles, betrayals, and the quest for power, Cleopatra’s tale is a testament to the enduring legacy of one of Egypt’s most renowned queens.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of epic narratives, or someone intrigued by the complexities of ancient politics and personal ambition, Cleopatra’s audiobook promises an unforgettable journey into the past. Join us on alexandria, where the rich tales of history, mythology, religion, and cultures come to life, offering insights and entertainment that resonate through the ages. #cleopatra #audiobook #history

Cleopatra Audiobook Chapters:
Intro: 0:00:00
Chapter 1: 0:01:10
Chapter 2: 0:22:48
Chapter 3: 0:50:02
Chapter 4: 1:17:25
Chapter 5: 1:41:46
Chapter 6: 2:03:26
Chapter 7: 2:27:52
Chapter 8: 2:53:06
Chapter 9: 3:10:42
Chapter 10: 3:38:23
Chapter 11: 4:09:44
Chapter 12: 4:43:28
Outro: 5:17:29

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Note to Our Listeners:
We’re excited to present our ‘Cleopatra’ audiobook series from Jacob Abbott’s ‘Makers of History.’ Please note, that this series has been adapted into modern English for better clarity and listening ease. While we’ve preserved the essence of Abbott’s original work, our version is revised for contemporary audiences to ensure a more accessible and engaging experience.



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