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Piers Morgan vs Jeffrey Sachs: "Can You Not Find Anything Negative To Say About Putin?"


Piers Morgan is joined by Professor Jeffrey Sachs to discuss Vladimir Putin’s fifth term as Russia’s President, the ongoing war in Ukraine and who he thinks is to blame, America’s potential TikTok ban, along with Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Sachs criticises the United States who he says is responsible for exacerbating tensions with Russia, particularly through support for Ukraine and NATO expansion.

He argued that the overthrow of the Yanukovych government in 2014 was a critical turning point that led to the current crisis in Ukraine. By pushing for regime change and destabilizing the region, the US inadvertently contributed to the escalation of the conflict and strained relations with Russia.

00:00 – Introduction
02:13 – Professor Sachs on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: “This war was completely avoidable”
07:13 – Professor Sachs ‘begged the White House many times to avoid war in Ukraine’
14:08 – Why can’t you say anything critical of Putin or Russia?
14:52 – A bid to ban TikTok and its influence
15:58 – “Do I find China a threat to the U.S.? No, not at all”
19:44 – Are there any bad guys in the world?
20:31 – What would you have done with Hitler after he invaded?
22:16 – The war in Israel: “We’ve never seen a Government like this before”
26:33 – Professor Sachs on U.S. politics: The country is “broken right now”

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