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Stop the Vultures Global Movement


In an unprecedented event in Irish history, an Irish government state agency finds itself under criminal investigation by An Garda Síochána. The allegations have been brought forward by Tom Darcy, author and whistleblower, and his colleague, Liam Deegan, a freelance investigative journalist.

They have urged the Gardai to launch an investigation into Tailte Éireann, formerly known as the Property Registration Authority of Ireland (PRAI), accusing it of breaking the law to favour vulture funds. In response, the Gardaí have now initiated a criminal investigation into the government agency responsible for registering property and land in the Republic of Ireland.

Following the launch of the criminal investigation into Tailte Eireann and a Vulture fund, they are launching their “Stop the Vultures Global Movement” on Wednesday the 7th of February.

They will have free access to a download package, with instructions on how to fill out their Garda/Police allegation – letter to Tailte Eireann or their land and registration authority – form 57a of Tailte Eireann and relevant forms globally, to remove an unlawful charge and a list of agencies, authorities, departments, and supervising committees to notify.


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