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How Will Jokowi’s Legacy Impact Indonesia’s Presidential Election? | Insight | Full Episode


Indonesian President Joko Widodo is handing over the reins, even as his popularity remains high. During his term, Jokowi has started many economic and infrastructure projects, and raised Indonesia’s international profile. At the same time, issues of inequality, corruption and tensions over Chinese investments remain.

Unusually, the outgoing president appears to be quite involved in the upcoming race, with some observers seeing favour towards one candidate. Will President Jokowi play kingmaker in the choice of his successor? And will the next president pick up where Jokowi has left off, or take Indonesia in a different direction?

00:00 Introduction
02:25 World’s largest single-day election on 14 Feb 2024
05:10 Why Joko Widodo’s approval ratings remain high
09:26 Controversy around Jokowi’s son as Vice-Presidential Candidate
11:29 Jokowi’s popular infrastructure projects
16:42 Controversies around infrastructure projects?
23:33 Widodo’s track record on religious freedom
32:08 Widodo’s track record on tackling corruption
34:44 Indonesia’s foreign policy under Widodo
36:48 Who is ahead in the polls?
39:33 Contenders’ political baggage
43:48 What happens if no candidate wins 50%?

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