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The Way We Live Now (2/3) 🔥 By Anthony Trollope. FULL Audiobook


The Way We Live Now. By Anthony Trollope FULL Audiobook
“The Way We Live Now” is a satirical novel by Anthony Trollope, published in London in 1875 after first appearing in serialized form. The novel is set in the 1870s and revolves around the lives of various characters in Victorian England. The book is divided into four parts and has a total of 100 chapters.

The novel opens with the introduction of Augustus Melmotte, a wealthy financier of dubious origins who has recently arrived in London. Melmotte is determined to establish himself as a member of the British upper class and uses his wealth to gain entry into high society. He is also involved in a number of shady business deals, including a scheme to build a railroad from Utah to Mexico.

The novel also follows the lives of several other characters, including Lady Carbury, a struggling author who is desperate for her work to be published; her son, Sir Felix Carbury, a gambler who is in love with Marie Melmotte, Augustus Melmotte’s daughter; and Roger Carbury, a wealthy landowner who is in love with Hetta Carbury, Lady Carbury’s daughter.

As the novel progresses, the lives of these characters become increasingly intertwined. Lady Carbury tries to persuade her daughter Hetta to marry Roger Carbury, but Hetta is in love with Paul Montague, a friend of Roger’s. Meanwhile, Sir Felix agrees to court Marie Melmotte, but he is more interested in her money than in her. When Marie’s father discovers this, he forbids the marriage.

The novel also explores themes of greed, corruption, and the decline of the British aristocracy. Trollope uses his characters to satirize the social and economic conditions of Victorian England, and the novel is considered one of his greatest works.

In conclusion, “The Way We Live Now” is a complex and engaging novel that provides a fascinating glimpse into Victorian England. Trollope’s characters are vividly drawn and his writing is both witty and insightful. The novel is a must-read for anyone interested in Victorian literature or social history.

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00:00:00 XXXV: Melmotte’s Glory
00:23:49 XXXVI: Mr. Broune’s Perils
00:36:37 XXXVII: The Boardroom
01:05:15 XXXVIII: Paul Montague’s Troubles
01:25:06 XXXIX: “I Do Love Him.”
01:53:40 XL: “Unanimity Is the Very Soul of These Things.”
02:06:50 XLI: All Prepared
02:19:35 XLII: “Can You Be Ready in Ten Minutes?”
02:43:06 XLIII: The City Road
03:10:51 XLIV: The Coming Election
03:31:54 XLV: Mr. Melmotte Is Pressed for Time
03:50:54 XLVI: Roger Carbury and His Two Friends
04:12:22 XLVII: Mrs. Hurtle at Lowestoft
04:40:07 XLVIII: Ruby a Prisoner
04:52:14 XLIX: Sir Felix Makes Himself Ready
05:12:28 L: The Journey to Liverpool
05:33:54 LI: Which Shall It Be?
05:55:15 LII: The Results of Love and Wine
06:13:43 LIII: A Day in the City
06:38:43 LIV: The India Office
07:05:15 LV: Clerical Charities
07:18:17 LVI: Father Barham Visits London
07:38:37 LVII: Lord Nidderdale Tries His Hand Again
07:59:01 LVIII: Mr. Squercum Is Employed
08:19:42 LIX: The Dinner
08:40:37 LX: Miss Longestaffe’s Lover
09:00:47 LXI: Lady Monogram Prepares for the Party
09:12:57 LXII: The Party
09:41:58 LXIII: Mr. Melmotte on the Day of the Election
10:01:58 LXIV: The Election
10:25:31 LXV: Miss Longestaffe Writes Home
10:43:52 LXVI: “So Shall Be My Enmity.”
11:03:33 LXVII: Sir Felix Protects His Sister
11:21:15 LXVIII: Miss Melmotte Declares Her Purpose


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