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Inside Edition Bonus: Pam Ragland Uses Intuition to Find Slain Boy and to Slam US Bank Fraudclosure

It has been a year of intrigue for Pam Ragland, who most recently helped to locate an 11 year old boy whom authorities believe was murdered by his brother. That is the focus of yesterday’s Final Edition segment but in reality her other story of victory over U.S. Bank is equally compelling. Ms. Ragland prevailed in a fraudulent foreclosure case that has exposed more patent fraud then even I can imagine, as a former closing attorney. I joined her this morning for part one in a series in which she will stress the importance of educating from the bottom up, using multimedia to thwart the powers that be in the banking and judicial corporations. She will be discussing these matters in depth in her forthcoming book appropriately titled “Bankrobbers.” Multimedia is the key, as noted by this grassroots movie in the making, “10 Questions: America’s Fraudclosure Crisis.”


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