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Coalitions – Alliances Crossing Over Borders in our New World: Societies – governments under siege 3


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Coalitions and Alliances Crossing Over Borders in our New World
Subversion of democracy is happening both within and without what are normally considered democratic regions of the world. In various parts of the world many believe that democracy is increasingly becoming suppressed. …


Polarization has threatened peace around the globe:

In my native United States, we have become even more polarized. I have considered myself an independent, and even tried for political office as an independent. I have noticed, as a nation and as a world, we have become even more publicly fractionalized in the traditional ways of coalitions and alliances. For example, anti-covid sentiment that seems to cross borders on many countries and different continents. Even in those countries where these protests are not happening there can be found a strong sentiment of mistrust in their government or their leaders on various sides for different reasons on the political spectrum. Strong vocal cross border sentiment for and against various measures and reasons on many sides can be found. Whether you disagree or agree should not be the first concern, the issue that should be of first concern is the occurrence of discontent can be found in different countries and on different contents for varied reasons from both the left and right of the political spectrum.


In reality, there are governments facing many issues all over the world to ensure that there is opportunity for its citizens to supply themselves with self-sufficiency. Depending on whom you talk to, there are many sides that claim that the other has elements of a nation state. Of course, some are more obvious than others. And I, personally have observed in past experiences, that those that can be most vocal can also be the ones that are trying hardest to hide these aspects within their own ranks. Some are also saying that there is also beginning to be a mix of these in different proportions on all sides. If this is indeed true then, this can only make it easier for extremists to exacerbate and utilize those negative elements; making us all forget to focus on actualizing those positive mutually beneficial and agreeable aspects to a more conducive future.

Societies and governments under siege:

Various societies and governments in many forms including authoritarian, autocratic, and democratic just to name a few are under siege. I believe this is especially true and most disturbing for some democratic governments.
One of the many ways in which democracy has become under threat is from those who would seek to control or subvert it for their own personal means or their followers’ benefit, rather than the benefit of the whole society. There are efforts in many nations of the world so those that are in power, can stay in power. More than others unjustifiably, depending on your point of view or location in the world.
There are individuals and groups of individuals in mostly all nations of the world and in vastly different forms of government attempting to change the rules, laws, and previously acceptable norms to stay in power. There are forces attempting to silence opposition with public brazenness not seen in modern times. It could even be said that this is even more brazen considering that with our modern communication networks the average citizen has vastly more opportunities of access to information in the world.
Corrupt oligarchies, authoritarian regimes, dictatorships, or corruption with disproportionate power are seen by many, with some concerns much more legitimate than others. In many instances in the world there are corrupt blocks of power with seemingly absolute power. Hunger for power at all costs can be especially dangerous with our modern capabilities.

Security – Democracy – Separatism – Extremism:

Note from the author: This section was written before the invasion of Ukraine.

I have noticed, groups and governments around the world are even more embolden in flexing their muscles for control and interference of others. Various societies, governments and especially democratic governments are also under threat from those forces who would seek to control or subvert within for personal gain or the belief of protecting a lifestyle or way of life. There are also those more willing to begin publicly rejecting and persecuting those that are different and think differently. Not only is this out of greed but also perhaps out of …”


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