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CIVIL WAR BREWING In USA And Catholic Church?


Civil War in the United States and in the Catholic Church has never seemed more immanent. The ongoing illegal immigration crisis at the Texas southern border and Pope Francis’ bombshell document Fiducia Supplicans —  allowing blessings of homosexual couples — mark two key political and religious rifts between pro-life and pro-family advocates of Western tradition, and those who are pushing for the globalist New World Order.

President Joe Biden’s administration has ordered Texas to stand down and allow the unlawful invasion of illegal immigrants into the United States from across the world — even illegal immigrants from as far as Africa. Pope Francis, for his part, continues to create confusion among faithful Catholics in his latest effort to minimize widespread rejection of the pro-LGBT document Fiducia Supplicans. The policies set forth by President Joe Biden and Pope Francis have created massive division in the world and the Church, leading to an ideological civil war unlike anything seen in the modern era.


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