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The Flagship Wrestling Podcast: WWE Culture of Corruption, Laurinaitis Turns, AEW Rankings & more!


This week on The Flagship Wrestling Podcast: WWE’s “culture of corruption,” John Laurinaitis turning on Vince, AEW rankings & bad opinions about them are back, indie matches, AJPW & more!

* Janel Grant’s lawyer, Ann Callis, says she will expose WWE’s Culture of Corruption under Vince McMahon
* John Laurinaitis turns on Vince
* Shawn Michaels’ NXT Vengence Day Press Conference
* AEW Rankings are back, and so are bad opinions about it
* AEW Dynamite’s lineup next week + Tony Khan’s “major announcement”
* A WrestleMania Weekend Check-In (Hint: It’s not good!)
* Recent recommended indie matches across the world
* All Japan Pro Wrestling’s show from January 27

*Matches discussed:*

* Leon Slater vs. Mike Bailey:
* Aigle Blanc vs. Mustafa Ali:
* Mad Dog Connelly vs. Manders:
* Boss Jordan vs. Kapeeka:


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