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Is LAPD Shielding Scientology? Inside Celebrity Center's Dark Realities


Embark on a chilling exposé as we undertake a fully lawful First Amendment audit, unraveling the sordid secrets within Scientology’s infamous Celebrity Center. 

Peer into the twisted world where celebrities of Scientology partake in an unsettling dance of influence and getting serviced by including but not limited to **MINORS**

Prepare to be shocked as we shine a spotlight on the heinous exploitation of minors, strategically placed in the so-called “presidents” office, subjected to unthinkable abuses all under the sinister umbrella of  rhetoric of a convicted indicted felon El Ron Hubbard

The very essence of Liz Ferris’ experience as a minor in this harrowing environment will be dissected, challenging the core principles of this disturbing establishment.

But the inquiry doesn’t stop there.

We are coming to witness the LAPD, once again, coming to the rescue of Scientology.

We are going to scrutinize the alleged incidents that may have occurred, demanding answers about the police force’s complicity in safeguarding Scientology from accountability.

Join us as we navigate the labyrinth of LAPD involvement, questioning their loyalty and calling on the department’s leadership to rein in their unhinged actions, thay continue to be documented on the public record


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