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Medicare Scammer Calls – R Can Zis


Take a minute to check out the Tagow Media Scam Pranks YouTube Channel.
I promise you will laugh out loud at this video:
If you aren’t subbed to TAGOW, you are missing out on some great calls. He gets the most perverted scammers ever.

I prank the Medicare scammers and telemarketers that call me 5 to 10 times a day, even though I’m on the National DO NOT CALL List.

The Final Expense Medicare Scam seems to be very popular with Indian call centers currently. The fake benefits of the policies range from $5k to pay funeral expenses to $35k for funeral expenses plus promises to pay off all medical bills, credit cards, home loans, and they’ll probably add student loans next. This is a clever scam because the seniors who fall victim to it, won’t know it’s fake until after they die.

To get around the DNC list, companies use offshore call centers to initiate the calls. While this might not violate the law, it is absolutely a scummy practice. If a company uses offshore call centers to skirt the DNC list, they deserve to be pranked. Instead of just hanging up on the caller, we need to get past the screener and talk to the people working at businesses that use the offshore call centers and let them know we hate the way they do business.

Although I hate the scammers, sometimes annoying, but mostly innocent telemarketers, get caught in my web of stupidity. I’ve been asked if I feel bad about wasting their time too, but they call me, I don’t call them. They deserve what they get.


Good article from the FBI about telemarketing scams:

Use the Brave web browser:


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