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Eagle Pass Declares Emergency Over Illegal Immigration Crisis; Lawmakers React to Zelenskyy’s Visit


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00:00 NTD Good Morning—9/22/2023
01:51 Zelenskyy Gets Mixed Reception in Washington
05:57 DOJ Arrests Government Contractor for Spying
07:02 Defense Bill Blocked Again, House Vote Fails
09:41 Biden Administration Facing Backlash on Immigration
15:49 Border Crossings Soar Again
21:51 Officials Begin Probe of New York Bus Crash
23:10 More Drugs Found at NYC Daycare
28:45 Polish President Clarifies PM’s Words
29:12 Imdonesoa Imprisons Woman for Eating Pork
29:34 Ukraine Cluster Bomb Deaths Surpass Syria
29:59 Malnourished Lion Found on Road in Serbia
33:06 UAW Strike Deadline Today
33:48 Report: Large Gov’t Spending Begets Inflation
39:06 Court Rules Against Calif. Gun Control Law
40:05 Biden Announces Gun Violence Prevention Office
40:47 No Medical Debt on Credit Score: Proposal
44:36 ‘Euphoria’ Star Cause of Death Revealed
44:53 Veep Star Matt Walsh Leaving DWTS
45:29 Starbucks Being Sued Over Its Fruit Drinks
48:38 FTC Sued for Concealing Docs on Musk Case
50:19 The Value of Solution Oriented Leaders
57:31 Traditional Arts Elevate the Soul: Miss NTD Candidate
01:02:46 Zelenskyy Gets Mixed Reception in Washington
01:05:32 Record Numbers of Migrants Head to U.S. Border
01:06:52 ‘Mules’ Used to Smuggle Drugs Across Border
01:141:14 Mexican Cartels Nation’s Fifth-Largest Employer: Study
01:12:16 Investigation of New York Bus Crash Begins Today
01:15:44 UAW Members Rally as Deadline Looms
01:17:55 Report: Large Gov’t Spending Begets Inflation
01:20:16 CFPB Could Remove Medical Bills From Credit Reports
01:20:48 Project Veritas Pauses Fundraising Efforts
01:21:33 Rupert Murdoch Steps Down as Chairman of Fox
01:23:25 New AI Powered Tools for Youtube
01:24:03 Bucket List Wishes for Young Cancer Patients
01:24:54 Daughter Helps Marathon-Mom

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