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PayPal, Verizon Listed Among Transparency Award Winners


PayPal, Target and Verizon were among the S&P 250 companies honored for the efficacy of their corporate disclosure documents with U.S. Transparency Awards, announced by investor communications firm Labrador.

The awards named 10 companies as the most transparent in the U.S. based on the scope and accessibility of their corporate disclosure reports, including proxy statements, Form 10-Ks, ESG reports, investor relations websites and codes of conduct. According to Labrador’s criteria, the top 10 companies are PayPal, Target, State Street, Intel, Verizon, Xcel Energy, U.S. Bancorp, Pfizer, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Benton, Dickinson & Co.

“Today’s investors and stakeholders are demanding a level of transparency from companies unseen in the past. Clear, concise corporate communication inspires investor confidence and trust, and therefore creates real value for both companies and their stakeholders,“ said Broc Romanek, expert and chairman of the independent Transparency Scientific Committee, which will oversee the awards next year. “These awards reward the quality of disclosure provided by S&P 250 companies and honor those who demonstrate a dedication to transparently communicate.”

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