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1st Amendment Audit! CORRUPT Cop Uses Badge To Get Free Stuff! Fired & Arrest! Cops Owned


CORRUPT Cop Uses Badge To Get Free Stuff! Fired & Arrest! 1st Amendment Audit Cops Owned

0:00 intro
0.22 Corrupt cop uses badge to get free stuff! Fired And Arrest
5:32 Passenger get’s tazed for running after traffic stop
9:56 1st amendment audit. Cops Owned after giving unlawful orders

The Police Body Cam Channel is the best place to watch ID refusals, police getting owned, walks of shame, and all sorts of police audits.

We are committed to offering balanced information about police-related news and events in a unique manner.

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The information is not meant to celebrate or promote crime or violent behavior. All information has been provided by regional law enforcement organizations and is regarded as public information under the law.

* The sole goal of this channel is to gather news and/or for instructional reasons. We have no connections to any kind of police enforcement organization.

Long island audit: @LongIslandAudit

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