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Yeonmi Park ESCAPES North Korea & EXPOSES Shocking Truth About Kim Jong Un | Eric Metaxas on TBN


Yeonmi Park opens up about the horrors of growing up in North Korea and her daring escape to China. Hear how Christian missionaries helped Park escape human trafficking, and her first experiences in Western culture. Don’t miss this powerful testimony from Eric Metaxas on TBN!


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0:00 Intro & Warning
0:26 Dystopian Childhood In North Korea
1:58 Oppression Of Body & Mind
3:01 Surviving Starvation
6:17 Father Captured For Selling On Black Market
7:55 Planning Escape
9:40 Hospitalization & Surgery Without Anesthesia
12:27 Escape To China & Sold Into Human Trafficking
19:16 Encountering Christian Missionaries
21:44 Experiencing Western Culture


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