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VGBAM – Episode 1 – Onett (EarthBound) – Police State Corruption and a Dirty Mayor!?


In VGBAM, which stands for Video Game Backgrounds and Maps, we take a detailed look into backgrounds and maps of games and if they would realistically apply to that game’s in-game universe or even to our world if there are strong parallels. But it’s not limited to just that, either! If we follow the evidence, we can often take things a bit further!

For example, did you know that the town of Onett in EarthBound is a police state with a corrupt mayor who spurts out propaganda at every opportunity? Watch this video for all the juicy details in the pilot episode of VGBAM!

BlackWindBlues is a content creator with a presence on both YouTube and Twitch. On YouTube, his videos center around the VGBAM series, playthroughs of Super Mario World Hacks, and highlights and uploads from streaming including EarthBound speed runs and random stream highlights.
On Twitch, BlackWindBlues primarily is a retro streamer who speed runs EarthBound (in addition to the occasional challenge run), plays through hacks of Super Mario World live with the audience, and enjoys playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomizer with friends and viewers who want to see his reactions and help figure out the randomizer seeds.

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