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Deen Squad spiritually manipulated by Ex manager [FULL VIDEO]


I know this was a long podcast, but we felt like we had no choice but to speak out against our former manager’s corruption. We hope the community sees the truth about this individual and takes precaution. We unfortunately had to release this a few days before Ramadan which isn’t the ideal move, but we were cornered to do so. After this video, we are moving on from Deen Squad as a Hip-Hop band. Me and Jae will still be working together, but perhaps not under the Deen Squad umbrella. Thank you for everyone who supported us on our Journey since 2015. We had so many beautiful memories: from Friday, Muslim Queen, Cover Girl, Allah’s Plan, Halal lovin’ and many more.

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Muzzy Entertainment Inc (C) 2023 – Karter Zaher and Jae Deen discuss the Deen Squad split, specifically the manipulation by their former manager.


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