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Ides of March: Donald Trump on Trial


Ides of March: Donald Trump on Trial

John C. Coffee Jr.
Yale Law’69, NYU Law’76 
Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law, Columbia Law School
Director, Center on Corporate Governance, Columbia University

In conversation with:
Michael Caruso
CC ‘83, CEO and Publisher, The New Republic

Donald Trump has always had an uncanny ability to get himself into legal predicaments–and to somehow get himself back out. But now the former president is facing a seemingly overwhelming number of court cases —19 separate legal actions in all—that range from charges of financial fraud and sexual misconduct to mishandling government documents and attempting to overturn an election to inciting the insurrection on Capitol Hill.

Prof. Coffee gives us his expert analysis of the most dangerous cases facing Donald Trump today, and his chances of survival or conviction.

Time is allocated for Q&A.


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