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Institutional Crypto Adoption Emergency | BitGo CEO interview


On this episode, we’re diving into the current desperate situation surrounding custody solutions for institutional investors and businesses in panic mode over the recent Bank collapse crisis.

Guest: Mike Belshe – CEO of BitGo
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00:00 intro
00:44 Sponsor: Consensus 2023
01:25 House Committee Hearing
02:47 Mike Belshe & BitGo
04:49 Custody Options
08:37 Fidelity Crypto Survey
10:24 Banks Going Into Custody Services
12:25 Fractional Reserves vs Crypto
15:01 Global Adoption Rates & Politics
18:06 Tether, USDC, & Stablecoins
21:27 Attack on Crypto Companies
23:50 Crypto Insurance Policies
26:50 Bitcoin Wins
27:54 Crypto Audit Benefits
29:05 Custodians vs Banks
30:15 outro

#Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum
~Institutional Crypto Adoption Emergency | BitGo CEO interview~
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