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Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety – Part 2 – 03/17/23


Committee Returns After Recess:

S.F. 1003 (Coleman) Certain utility requirements modification.

S.F. 1549 (Champion) Prevention services, intervention services, and barrier reduction services appropriation relating to youth involved or at risk of becoming involved in the criminal or juvenile justice system.

H.F. 55 (Champion) Office for missing and murdered Black women and girls establishment.

S.F. 1332 (Latz) Civil remedies for consumer protection violations authorization.

S.F. 658 (Dibble) Procedure provision to resolve disputes between public utilities and customers.

S.F. 1335 (Dibble) Policy changes related to State Patrol duties, including school bus inspections, commercial vehicle inspections, and rearview mirror requirements.

S.F. 2495 (Oumou Verbeten) Admission prohibition in judicial proceedings of certain custodial statements.

S.F. 2597 (Latz) Standard for a petition for postconviction relief based on newly discovered evidence modification.

S.F. 1334 (Oumou Verbeten) Corrections provisions modifications.

S.F. 1351 (Pappas) Indeterminate Sentence Release Board establishment.

S.F. 1449 (Westlin) Community supervision agents inclusion as public officers for line of duty death benefits authorization.

S.F. 2734 (Latz) Expanded use of tracking devices during stolen vehicle investigations authorization.

S.F. 1596 (Seeberger) Ombudsperson for Corrections removal only for just cause authorization.

S.F. 1504 (Pappas) Department of Corrections’ work release program expansion appropriation.

S.F. 73 (Port) Cannabis provisions modification.

S.F. 682 (Limmer) Criminal penalty provision for substantial bodily harm caused by response for fictitious emergency.

S.F. 1417 (McEwen) Minimum crew size requirement for certain rail carriers.

S.F. 1384 (McEwen) Occupational Safety and Health Act citation data classification.

S.F. 1191 (Westlin) Election administration provisions modifications.

S.F. 1279 (Maye Quade) Provision modifications governing adult adoptee access to their own original birth records and other adoption-related information.

S.F. 2251 (Kunesh) Law enforcement modification of Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa Indians.


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