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Be upright and support people! A picture of Xiao Zhan went viral on the Internet! Feeling like a tee


As we all know, star artists are a rather youthful industry, once the body is out of shape, the face is no longer, it faces the risk of going downhill. The actual industry does not rely on the face of too little too little, even if the strength of the actor should also maintain a good mental outlook, physical condition, which is as an entertainer’s own, but also to extend the life of the show, to maintain the heat and resources necessary. 01 Recently, a picture of Xiao battle on the Internet has gone viral, causing a lot of netizens great concern. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. If you don’t say so, who would have thought he was thirty-one years old. Some netizens can’t help but question, where does his teenage sense come from? The company has experienced so long net violence, suffered so much pain and pressure, why he still clear-eyed, with a sunny smile? Putting aside the strict self-discipline of artists, perhaps it is the righteousness that feeds people. The righteousness is a bright and upright style, a pure and good ethos. It is the purest of nutrients, so that people from the inside out, renewed youthful vitality.03 Xiao Zhao grew up with a good family culture, a proper and complete traditional Chinese education, and the spirit of Chongqing people’s bones toughness, so that this young man is brave enough to challenge, dare to break through, in the face of the shocking waves of the entertainment industry, withstand the hard work, tolerate the injustice, withstand the temptation. The company’s main goal is to provide a strong, unbiased and honest service to its customers. The gentleman is open and honest, but the villain is long and relative. Their own efforts to grow, blood, cocoon into a butterfly, let us see a talented, thoughtful, deep, pattern, courage, positive energy Xiao war. The righteousness of the words of the atmosphere, the rigorous end of the line, the direction of a forward. Just as the so-called righteousness, so that people’s hearts and respect, with the power of all the people to the heart. Xiao Zhan’s future is bound to be bright and open, unlimited. 05 righteousness is also a clear gas, it cleanses the body and mind, to remove corruption and keep the truth, so that people out of the mud and not stained, wash clean and not demon, with the essence of heaven and earth cohesion from the aura. It makes a person’s eyebrows shine, and the atmosphere is heavenly, just like the saying: green mountains do not age people do not age. Clear air nourishes people, sincere not deceive people. Although Xiao Zhan has experienced the deepest darkness in this world, the ugliest human nature, but did not provoke the dust, still pure and sincere, the heart has sunshine, a cavity of righteousness. Individuals may have worked very hard, but obviously talent and flow status does not match, by the company a variety of packaging, marketing, strong hype, and even rely on bad means to get to the top. The result is a big stage to lose much face. This is the inevitable result of not following the right path. The artists in the center of the whirlpool are afraid of depression, evil entanglement, to tell the truth are worried about psychological distortion. And by these evil ways to support the situation, such as the fortress built on the beach, sooner or later will be empty by the waves, washed away, do not believe, we’ll see. Finally, I would like to say: Throughout the years of Xiao Zhi Zhi debut, can be said to be tough, stoic, courageous, bold, but never gloomy, we always see a warm, sunny, righteous Xiao Zhi. Since ancient times, the righteous way for the blessing of heaven and earth, for all embraced, righteousness through heaven and earth, straight through the ancient and modern. Wen Tianxiang “righteousness song” has the cloud: heaven and earth have the righteousness, mixed with the shape of the flow. The lower part is the river and the mountain, and the upper part is the sun and the stars. May Xiao Zhan always keep this righteousness, and become the star of righteousness, the star of the righteous way. May he this righteousness, leading a breeze in the entertainment, help the entertainment to glow with youthful vigor!


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