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Fraudulent Billing Site Finally gives elderly, disable her bill


After many calls, and reporting the Health Insurance [and Medicare & Medicaid] Fraud committed by the Illegals’ Mafia and its Member Kevin M. McGuire, this mafia member [and Manager of this fraudulent Billing Site] decides to finally give the bill to the patient. The patient’s caretaker, Solange, receives it by fax. Kevin M. McGuire works as the Commissioner of the Westchester Dept. of Social “Services” in Westchester County, NY.

Unfortunately, for American Citizens, he has access to millions of our citizens’ identities, personal records, and medical records (which he sells to illegals, illegals’ mafia members, and their clients). Of course, he leaves the citizens with NO medical insurances, at least NOT one that they can use, and with NO government benefits (since he sells them to illegals). Ultimately, the citizens have NO other choices; but to die for lock of Medical Care.


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