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Aron Ra And Patrick Scott Armstrong Talk Atheism


Aron Ra has spent over 15 years learning about religions, debating religious beliefs, and raising awareness around atheism, anti-theism, and how people act as atheists.

Aron Ra is an American author, podcaster, and regional director of American Atheists, he joins us to discuss concepts of religion, what it’s like debating with religious leaders, and the similarities religion has with politics.

We also talk about how politics is changing, the demise of the American political landscape, and why we’re all becoming so divided…

“The truth doesn’t matter to religion to at all, if the truth mattered they would be dispassionate. If the truth is all that matters to you and you don’t want to be fooled into believing anything, and you are tentative even about the things you do believe, well then you’re going to be very dispassionate, you’re going to be very critical.” – Aron Ra

What is Covered:

– What Atheism really is and the problem with religions.
– The idea that all religious Gods are the same God.
– Why Republicans want to erode the separation between church and state.
– Aron Ra’s favorite type of movie.
– Why the idea of free will and faith proves there is no God.
– Why the government shouldn’t be involved in abortion.
– The tribalistic nature of politics.
– Debating religion and faith with different religious leaders.
– How to set up an interview with a religious leader.
– The predictable nature of religious people in debates.
– The accepting nature of Texans.
– The similarities and differences between religion and politics.
– The worst president America has ever had.
– How the Republican and Democrat parties have changed over the years.
– Why Donald Trump still hasn’t been arrested.
– The best type of snake to keep as a pet.

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