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How do I take legal action against a doctor? Do you sue the doctor or hospital?
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Hello and welcome! My name is Mehdi Cherkaoui. I’m an attorney in Houston Texas. In this video I’m going to give you some tips on how to sue a doctor or hospital for negligence.
In a hospital, your medical care can go wrong. Instead of getting well, you may incur injury as a result of a doctor’s neglect. If this happens, you may have grounds to sue the hospital for medical negligence.
Medical malpractice happens when practitioners or health care professionals violate their legal obligation to care for patients. Persons working in the medical industry are required by law to have adequate knowledge and skills in order to provide appropriate care to patients.
If a hospital provides you with the incorrect treatment, their personnel makes the incorrect decision or a loved one dies while in their care, you may be able to sue. Although medical staff may have committed the error, the institution is liable for its workers and their training.
Every state has its own statute of limitations (a time restriction within which you may initiate a lawsuit). If you intend to sue the hospital, you should first investigate your state’s unique limits. This video will discuss medical malpractice and how patients might take action. Watch the video till end and find out the tips on lawsuit against hospital negligence.
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