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Tens of Millions in Disability Fraud – White Collar Crime!


**The stories and individuals mentioned in this video are fact. Some video clips are of the actual individuals mentioned in these crimes. However, many clips are added for entertainment purposes only**

Tens of Millions in Disability Fraud – White Collar Crime!

Every year, the United States lose billions of dollars to fraud schemes and loan scams. Fraud schemes are sometimes executed by using the identity information of innocent people in order to avoid being detected, as in today’s story.

Welcome to today’s episode of Fraud Files. We’ll be discussing the case of a Greenburgh nurse practitioner, Catherine Seemer who was accused of stealing millions in a loan fraud scheme.

The FBI arrested the 42 year old Catherine Seemer, a nurse practitioner, on federal charges of wire fraud, financial aid fraud, and aggravated identity theft. She was accused of forging signatures and using doctors’ pedigree information to certify disability diagnoses that resulted in the discharge of more than $10.5 million in loans for at least one hundred and twenty-five people.

In today’s video we look at Tens of Millions in Disability Fraud – White Collar Crime!…Keep watching to see white collar crime and what is white collar crime and white collar crime examples and white collar crimes and white collar crime sentencing and white collar criminals and white collar crime acts and white collar crime documentary and white collar criminal and white collar crime types and what is a white collar crime and disability fraud and disability fraud caught and committed disability fraud and disability fraud definition and disability fraud explanation and what does disability fraud mean.

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On The Fraud Files we will go through white collar crime, financial crimes, and fraud. Stay tuned for the latest in disability fraud.

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