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Gripping, Brutally Honest Novel of Inner-City Life Written From Prison Cell Appeals to Readers From Every Walk of Life


Momma Bear


MOMMA BEAR teaches about unconditional love, loyalty, family orientation and faith. It provides a brilliant depiction of the struggles of African American citizens facing the justice system.”

— Charmain McFadden

UNITED STATES, September 26, 2022 / — The author L.O.R.D. is a true product of inner-city poverty, one of the rawest truth tellers in urban fiction history. And now, his riveting novel MOMMA BEAR (Go Get It Publishing LLC) is being reissued in a new Second Edition.

Written from an 8 x 12 prison cell with his younger brother Johnny Johnson after being wrongfully convicted by a corrupt prosecutor, L.O.R.D. tells a story that mirrors the lives of both brothers. It was during that period of incarceration when L.O.R.D. fully comprehended for the first time the many years of turmoil endured by his mother as she struggled to keep him and his siblings from being devoured by their environment. In realizing her plight and what she was up against, his passion to pay homage to her and the millions of women like her was born.

L.O.R.D.’s uncut depiction of siblings Keven and Cory’s unyielding determination to win big selling drugs painfully illustrates the risks that young men are willing to take in order to escape poverty. On the flipside, the story vividly chronicles their single mother Glenda James’ unrelenting struggle to keep her boys from being lost to a culture of prison, death, drugs, violence and social injustice.

“MOMMA BEAR is an incredible story about the plights of the struggles of mothers raising sons in the inner city,” says book reviewer Charmain McFadden. “Young men are faced with life-changing and life-altering decisions every day just to stay alive. MOMMA BEAR teaches about unconditional love, loyalty, family orientation and most importantly, faith. It provides a brilliant depiction of, as well as insight on, the struggles of African American citizens facing the justice system.”

“From someone coming from a single-mother household, this book really spoke volumes and hit close to home,” said Ashlay, another reviewer. “It was an amazing read and definitely touched on the struggles that are happening every day in the urban and lower-income community. For anyone who wants insight on how to overcome adversities, and to simply know they are not alone in their struggles, I would strongly recommend this book.”

Brilliant in its uncomfortable authenticity, MOMMA BEAR is a must read for anyone who comes from or wants to know about inner-city life and the people that live it.”

MOMMA BEAR is available on popular retail outlets where books are sold.


Gaylord Salters/L.O.R.D (born January 1,1975) is an American author. He was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut. He is a graduate of Goodwin University. Growing up in poverty as an inner-city youth, he has seen, engaged in, and been affected by the many detriments in his environment. He was the victim of a wrongful conviction in 2002 and spent 20 years in prison as a result. He was released in June 2022. He began writing while incarcerated and has published two novels and started a publishing company throughout the course of his confinement. Prior to his release, he closed a global distribution deal for his company—Go Get It Publishing, LLC.—that allows his books to be distributed in over 160 countries in more than 50 languages. MOMMA BEAR, the heartbreaking struggle, risks, and results of raising minority youth in urban America, is the imprint’s first release. While still imprisoned, commercial firm, Dorrance Publishing, contacted L.O.R.D. expressing interest in MOMMA BEAR. Currently, L.O.R.D. is using his knowledge and experience of the past to create alternative routes that would allow others who grew up as he did to avoid paths of destruction. Visit

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