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Putin stops USA EU sanctions Ukraine ICC corruption blackmail civilwar NL weapons baltics


Putin – Kremlin – can easily stop the USA and EU-sanctions against Russia… over Ukraine.

The only thing Putin needs to do is explain to the people on Earth about the corruption inside the International Criminal Court in TheHague.

I have asked the Kremlin & Whitehouse in 2008 to help me turn ICC into a fair court.
They refused.

Now, i am the first NL-woman who started an ICC-case against NL in 2007.
I prove that ICC is a lobby – & assasintioncentra that want more wars on Earth.

Wacht me videos and read my websites.

Putin can stop the criminal methods of work of ICC and Obama inside ICC, bute refuses to do so.

Both Russia and USa want a war in urakine.

USA want to supply waepons to the Kiev-parliament t start a civilwar in Ukraine.



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