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Are REITs a good investment in 2021, student loan fraud, and bad cops 2021


Are REITs a good investment in 2021, student loan fraud and bad cops, these are our three topics for Free Game Friday.

Recently, the federal government dropped a bombshell about student loan fraud that may have caused borrowers to miss out on student loan forgiveness. Additionally, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of REITs and why I will never invest in a REIT.

Finally, non-finance related, we will discuss a new method that some law enforcement are using to avoid having video filmed by private citizens in their interaction with law enforcement go viral over social media.

I am a licensed attorney, but not your attorney, please seek a professional in your area for legal and/or financial advice.

Student loan servicer fraud

Officer plays Taylor Swift

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0:00 Start
0:55 Student Loan Servicer Fraud
5:24 REIT’s and why I don’t invest in them

10:54 Cops are doing this now smh


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