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Group Calls For Improved, Accountable Governance In Abia


Abia Good Governance Forum (AGGF), in collaboration with implementing Cluster Members, Abia Youths for Enhance Governance (AYEG), Patriotic Abia Citizen’s Initiatives (PACI), Concerned Abia Women for Development (CAWD) with the support of Abians In Diaspora for Revolutionized Change (AIDRC), has organized a One-Day Conference targeted at Improving governance and accountability in Abia State.

Cross Section of AGGF Executive

The event which was well attended by over 120 participants drawn from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), community members, students and media institutions across the state was held at C5 Exclusive Resort, Umuahia, Abia State.

The conference with the theme, “Ensuring Good Governance And Accountability In Government In Abia State: The Way Forward In 2023 Elections”, recognized that one of the basic preconditions to sustainable development is Good Governance in all sectors of the society, including the formal government, the private sector and civil society.

In a Communique issued during the conference by the state Ambassador of AGGF, Hon Harrison Chigozie, it asserted that democracy strives effectively if driven by a basic set of values such as honesty, integrity, probity, accountability, justice and inclusiveness, that motivate the masses to have trust in the leadership.

The conference recognized that in the particular situation of Abia State, the quality of leaders at all levels is extremely important, as the State has not being lucky with leadership for a long time, hence, the need to educate the public on the need for change.

The communique, however, questioned the sincerity of Abia State government in delivering democratic dividend.

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After robust discussions on issues relating to accountability and governance surrounding Abia State, the following observations and recommendations were made. The participants observed that Good Governance is neither thinkable nor feasible without an adequate societal development and depends on the existence and quality of Civil Society.

“It is a product of the arrangement for relations between state and society as a dynamic and permanent process of reciprocal influence meant as cooperation. Good Governance will require efforts and commitment by all.

“An increasingly broad range of development actors must work together more effectively, adapting approaches and working methods in support of developing Societies’ efforts to strengthen State ownership and institutional capacity to drive the much anticipated sustainable developmental agenda”.

The Communique also stated that the ambitiousness goals of the 2023 Agenda to institute government that would pursue for the development of Abia, would require significant resources and co-operation amongst well-meaning Abians to implement them.

“Fortunately, the level of awareness and willingness of our people towards developmental co-operation has expanded significantly.

“We recognize the importance of strengthening private sector engagement in development of the State and wish to encourage Abians to elect a Governor that has effectively served in the private sector”.

According to the group, private sector is fundamentally important in driving growth, creating jobs, generating wealth, and increasing public revenues through taxation, adding that public resources, appropriately and effectively deployed, can mobilize significant private investment for development, crucial for achieving the required development.

The Group further stated that it is committed to supporting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, access to justice for all, building effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions.

“Considering the most recent election held at Osun State, it was observed with kin interest that power belongs to the people and not selected few. With the dwindling Federal Allocation to states, it has become important that we elect a Governor that understands Entrepreneurial development with in-depth knowledge of how to harness resources for fast tracked economic and social development”.

The Participants at the Conference recommended the need for continuous sensitization of the populace to wholesomely participate in electioneering process through collaboration with INEC and other key stake holders by organizing lectures, symposiums and the likes on the new election procedures and other strategic matters, is necessary in ensuring good governance.

They also noted that there is need to organize parallel debate among all the Governorship contestants,where they will be accessed by the populace on issue regarding state management, good governance, corruption, nepotism, dependency, collaboration, stewardship, transparency, equity and justice.

The participants, however, recommended that to ensure youth inclusiveness and recognition in political and strategic state matters, there should be well established medium (in both secondary and tertiary Institutions in the state), through which training and empowerment are given to them.

This they said would enhance their active participation in the forthcoming election.

The AGGF further called on all well meaning Abians to support the noble act for a better Abia, disclosing that come November 2022, the group would reconvene to to take stock of progress in implementing the decisions taken and as well, reveal its Governorship candidate.

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