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Appeal to Malaysians to vote against corruption, wastage


DAY in day out, for the last two years, the people have been inundated with the details of eye-watering corruption among the political elites.

Details revealed in the Ultra Kirana case about the hundreds of million of ringgit paid by a company to senior politicians showed brazen impunity and shamelessness.

Yet no alarm or any investigation was ever conducted.

Whatever positive spin the government is giving on the growth of the economy and a return to the pre-pandemic days will be wiped out if the level of corruption continues.

The people are well aware that every initiative or legislation passed by the government will always be accompanied by unanswered questions i.e. there must be a party or parties that will benefit from its introduction. 

It is never for the wellbeing of the people.

In 2018 to 2020, the Pakatan Harapan government established Pusat Governans and Integriti dan Anti-Rasuah Nasional and launched the National Anti-Corruption Plan (NACP) for the period  2019-2023 with the objective of making “Malaysia known for her integrity and not corruption”.

The government then said the NACP was developed to undertake reform in partnership with the private sector and NGOs, to address issues of corruption, integrity and governance.

After the change of government, the NACP has disappeared from public view.
The people are no longer ignorant of the corrupt acts being perpetuated by the political elites.

It is economic performance that the people will be voting for in the general election.

The people must demand to know what the elected government plans to do to grow the economy.

But the country will not benefit from a good action plan if it is not accompanied by a realistic plan to plug corruption.

If we, the people, do not make our wishes known, then we will truly get the government we deserve.  

Vote wisely. – August 6, 2022.

* FLK reads The Malaysian Insight.

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