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A Roy Black Win, SPAC Fever and a Retiring Judge: The DBR’s Top Stories of June


As July begins and South Florida’s weather gets increasingly unlivable, here’s a look back at the most popular Daily Business Review stories of May, covering litigation, real estate and the business of law.

10. Miami Lawyer John Ruiz Made $2 Billion in the Final Days of SPAC Fever. Can He Keep It?

Class action lawyer and Medicare payments entrepreneur John Ruiz is down $19 billion as his public company trades at $1 following a disastrous IPO. But Ruiz, holder of over 2 billion shares, is still doing better than he was before the transaction.

9. South Florida Judge to Step Down From Federal Bench, Search to Begin for Successor

“Many economists believed that the success of the U.S. was that you could try to start a business here and fail and not be executed,” U.S. Bankruptcy Court Chief Judge Emeritus A. Jay Cristol said. “A fresh start or a second opportunity are major factors in the success of our economy.”

8. Florida Jury Returns $7.1 Million Verdict: ‘Other Attorneys Turned Down the Case’

Morgan & Morgan attorneys achieved the verdict against Home Depot USA Inc. after a 10-day trial.

7. Disbarred South Florida Lawyer Granted Pro Hac Vice Status to Appear in Federal Court

“When does rehabilitation become enough?” asked Brian Tannebaum, special counsel at Bast Amron in Miami, who represents the disbarred attorney who accumulated over 13,300 community service hours.

6. Florida Governor Signs Tax ‘Holidays,’ Gas-Tax Break

“The tax relief you’re going to see are going to be breaks for really critical needs, like gas, diapers, disaster supplies, tools for skilled trades, recreational activities, you name it,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said.

5. Miami Attorney Roy Black Gets Jury to Return First Acquittal in Final College-Admission Scandal Trial

“Everyone said these wealthy people are denying poorer and better students the right to go to these elite universities,” said Roy Black, a senior partner at Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf. “I knew that was a hurdle I had to overcome in the jurors’ minds.”

4. 8 South Florida Attorneys Disciplined by Florida Supreme Court

Eight South Florida attorneys faced disciplinary repercussions that ranged from disbarment to public reprimand.

3. ‘Corruption in the Courts’ Comment Brings New Troubles for South Florida Attorney

“Respectfully, this court has become so obviously corrupt that Mr. Jacobs has filed a formal complaint with the FBI,” Bruce Jacobs claimed in his motion before the Third District Court of Appeal.

2. Attorney Fee Breakdown: Here’s What the Top Billers in the Surfside Condo Collapse Litigation Are Seeking

Here are the seven South Florida law firms who will seek the most in attorney fees in the class action stemming from the massive condo collapse in Surfside.

1. In New Approach, Big Law Firm Uses NFT to Serve Court Papers on Anonymous Defendants

“This gives us one mechanism to at least serve legal process on a person who controls an address that’s involved with the virtual currency that was affected,” said Andrew Balthazor of Holland & Knight.

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