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Polidano interrogated again over suspected corruption, maintains his innocence


Charles Polidano’s interrogation by the police over suspicions of money laundering continued today, with the developer claiming he has given investigators documents that should prove his innocence.

Polidano and his son are being investigated over suspicions of corruption on a tender that the Polidano Group was awarded in 2014 by Freeport Terminals, the private company that operates port facilities at Malta Freeport. Freeport CEO Alex Montebello is also being investigated over a favourable property deal he entered into with Polidano.

All three have denied any wrongdoing. They were first interrogated earlier this month and released on police bail.

In a statement disseminated to all media on Friday afternoon, a spokesperson for Charles Polidano said: “Charles Polidano today furnished the police with documentation to rebut any suggestion that he or his son Gordon engaged in improper conduct in his dealings with Malta Freeport Terminals.”

The spokesperson for the developer said Polidano is yet to be charged with any offence and is determined to show that suggestions of corruption and money laundering are entirely without foundation.

“While he is ready and willing to cooperate fully with any police investigation, he is anxious that these inquiries should be concluded as quickly as practicably possible so that his reputation will not continue to be tarnished by those with an interest in doing so,” the statement reads. “It should be noted that Polidano has carried out all the major infrastructural work at Malta Freeport since the facility’s inception over 40 years ago and this has always been of the highest quality.”

The spokesperson said this is not the first “smear campaign” the developer has been subjected to. Polidano and his son are being represented by their lawyers Michael Sciriha and Franco Galea.

Earlier,  Times of Malta reported that Polidano and his son were subjected to another round of questioning yesterday.

“The company wishes to make it clear that it will not be deterred in legitimately undertaking its business affairs with the commercial community and relevant authorities in the face of such attacks,” it said.

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