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Security Stole my cell phone in front of the FBI office at the Federal Plaza. More corruption!


I am exposing the NY police collusion with private investigators. I have evidence of a private investigator or works for the private investigator wearing a cop’s uniform and posed as Lieutenant J. Cruz and has a second name tag of “Hernandez” which he flipped the name tag over to hide his real identity. I submitted this fake cop evidence to the FBI and they are covering up this case.
I have been protesting since November 2020 and will continue to protest every day from 2pm-5pm until the FBI does a proper investigation. During the protest on December 4, 2020, a security guard stole my phone in front of the FBI office!!! He was a security guard at the Federal Plaza at the FBI office. This is what they do, first the FBI sent out the Homeland Security to intimidate my protest and now they had the security guard stole my phone! I reported this case to the police, they took down the information and would not allow me the time to submit the serial number of my phone and generated the report. The cop who took my information did not even ask for the description of the security guard. This is the corruption that I am exposing. You cannot trust the cops any more and yet, we have a naive system that we are suppose to trust the cops to serve and protect us. I can prove that this is NOT the case.
Please check out my website to for information of my case: momseeksjustice. wordpress, com or
Police sent out Homeland Police to intimidate my Protest to

Fake cop, this man posed as Lieutenant J. Cruz. Look at his left shoulder, he has a name tag under “Hernandez” which he flipped over to hide his real identity. This is how I was framed to have mental illness when I reported of this fake cop. The NY police did not know I secretly recorded this fake cop. I submitted this evidence to the FBI but they are covering up the case. If I submitted false information to deceive the FBI or federal agents, this is a serious crime and they can arrest me. Corruption cascade through other law enforcement departments and this is the system we need to put up with?!


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