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Coffeezilla Exposes The Fake Guru Industry | Ep. 368


Scams have been around since the dawn of human history, adapting along with the pace of technology to sucker the unsuspecting with old tricks in new trappings — and the advent of the Internet has only made it easier for scam artists and fake gurus to separate the gullible from their life savings.

On this episode, we consult YouTuber and fake guru scam buster Coffeezilla about how to expose these predatory shysters for what they are by delving into their shady manipulation tactics. Whether you or a loved one is being tempted by work-from-home schemes, entrepreneur rackets, sketchy “investment” opportunities, multi-level marketing traps, or other scams and combinations of these fake guru-led, often cultish operations, understanding how to identify them and the mechanisms by which they work is the best chance you have of putting a stop to their shenanigans. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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What we discuss with Coffeezilla:

❗️ How fake gurus who profess to teach you how to get rich quick aren’t using these same methods to get rich — they’re using you.
❗️ The classic framework used by fake gurus to entice their target demographic.
❗️ How fake gurus leverage cult of personality dynamics to be both relatable and unquestionable.
❗️ How fake gurus pass off once-legitimate moneymaking methods long after they’ve become obsolete and worthless.
❗️ Why you don’t have to be especially gullible to fall for what a fake guru is selling, and you don’t have to be a steel-willed ice king or queen to resist their sleazy machinations.
❗️ And much more…

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