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Arkansas State Police Corruption at its finest 2015


Talking about my police report, a few things were left off of it like….

Reckless Driving
Speeding in a school zone

ONLY thing on it was failure to stop at a stop sign and no seatbelt.

My wreck happened on March 24, 2015
Since then NO car, NO job, NO money
Now it’s 10-24-15
The wreck was NOT my fault, a kid went past a stop sign without stopping going about 60 miles an hour. He thought he could beat me that’s why he sped across the intersection like he did. I had the right away. I was on the main highway. Going to work and my life has been turned upside down since then nothing is favoring for me. Total nightmare from hell. No help absolutely no help at all. I am hoping this will get media attention worldwide.

I need some kind of relief. My life is ruined, my credit is ruined everything is ruined. I have had everything taken away from me. This wreck was NOT my fault and I am being severely punished.

Something is very wrong here. I need a damn good Civil Lawyer, someone that is a bulldog in the court room and help me get the justice I deserve. I have been done wrong.

My mom and my kids don’t deserve this at all.

Google Tina Ann Graves my story is there.


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