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WRAP | Duduzane Zuma was the ‘conduit’ between the Guptas and government; SAPS should investigate him, says Zondo


SABC | Zondo found there can be no doubt that former president Jacob Zuma was in breach of the Executive Ethics Code in his dealing with TNA and ANN7.

“He as President, abused his office for his own benefit, that of his son and that of his friends, the Guptas.

“He placed himself in a situation of a conflict of interest and abused his position as President of the country.”

Zondo found that the Gupta family and Duduzane Zuma benefitted from the relationship the Guptas had with Jacob Zuma in that they obtained state contracts, in particular with the SABC, “to the detriment of other potential competitors” in the media space.

“President Zuma enabled, indirectly, the members of the Gupta family as businesspeople to occupy a place of prominence over other businessmen, to the detriment of the empowerment legislative imperative of the Republic of South Africa.”

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