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Brexit, incompetence and corruption – and where is the opposition?


It is only eight months since the UK left the EU and it is becoming clearer every day that Brexit is a disaster. Farming, fishing, food manufacturing are all finding it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to export to the EU because of the new bureaucracy. Small businesses are also finding that their customers in the EU no longer order from the UK if possible because of the additional paperwork involved. Performing arts unable to tour in Europe as before. Holidays now involve green card car insurance, medical insurance and roaming charges. But the biggest negative consequence has been the absence of EU non-skilled workers in the UK which has resulted shortages of workers in care, hospitality, horticulture and especially in road transport as a result of which there are not enough drivers to deliver food to supermarkets. These changes are all permanent since the burden and expensive for non skilled workers wanting to work in the UK is so much that they are going elsewhere.
Covid is becoming less of a problem as a result of the roll out of the vaccines of which the UK was first although has now slipped to around 15th in terms of the rate at which vaccines are being administered. The UK has the seventh highest number of deaths from Covid despite being the 21st largest country in the world. £37 billion was budgeted for Test & Trace and yet, according to the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee this has had little or no effect upon the spread of the virus.
The awarding of PPE contracts, often through a priority channel where friends or acquaintances of MP’s, Lords or government officials mean that hundreds of millions of pounds worth of contracts were awarded without any competitive tendering. The evidence of corruption in this process is overwhelming.
At the same time the prime minister continues to spend lavishly upon himself whilst the ending of furlough, the ending of the supplementary £20 per week of Universal Credit and the forthcoming rises in electricity and gas prices will bring even more hardship to millions.
In order to curb or prevent protest the Home Secretary and the police are to be given the power to stop any protest, peaceful or otherwise, on a whim. Journalists are to be threatened with imprisonment for writing anything that the government might consider excessively critical or, in their view, ‘unlawful disclosure. Whistle blowing is to be outlawed and the government are seeking powers to be able to restrict who individuals may meet with or where they may go.
And, whilst all of this is happening, the opposition seem to be almost silent talking of making the best of Brexit or embracing it. The general public do not seem that much interested that there is so much incompetence at the heart of government, that corruption and lying now seem acceptable and that millions, maybe billons, have been wasted, all of which will fall on the taxpayer to repay.


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