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IMF and World Bank say Ukraine corruption f ight is threatened


IMF and World Bank say Ukraine corruption f.ight is threatened.
KIEV (Reuters) – The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund on Thursday said they were concerned about attacks on Ukrainian anti-corruption institutions, joining the United States and European Union in warning against threats to Ukraine’s efforts to fight graft.

The two banks are among the largest financial contributors to a $40 billion bailout package given to Ukraine to shore up and reform its economy after the 2014 Maidan protests ousted the Kremlin-backed president, Viktor Yanukovich.

But perceived backsliding on reform commitments has delayed billions of dollars in IMF loans and tested the patience of foreign allies, even as Kiev pushes for closer EU integration and increased foreign investment.

“We are deeply concerned by recent events in Ukraine that could roll back progress that has been made in setting up independent institutions to tackle high-level corruption,” IMF chief Christine Lagarde said in a statement.


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